How to earn money from Markaz App

How to Earn Money from Markaz App

What is Markaaz App

new product-selling software called Markaaz seeks to transform how people and
companies purchase and sell things in Pakistan. As soon as it was introduced in
2021, Markaaz rapidly became well-liked by both buyers and sellers because of
its distinctive features that make the purchasing and selling process simple.

software is user-friendly and has an intuitive UI, so both tech-savvy and
non-technical people may use it. The app offers products in many different
categories, such as electronics, clothing, household appliances, and a lot
more. There is something for everyone on the app thanks to the wide variety of

capability of Markaaz to let merchants build their online shop inside the app
is one of its primary advantages. The app’s user-friendly interface allows
sellers to manage their stores and display their items with ease. This function
removes the need for actual stores, which may be expensive and time-consuming
for vendors.

Markaaz features a safe payment mechanism that protects both buyers and sellers
from fraud. Via the app, customers may securely pay using a variety of payment
options, such as debit and credit cards and digital wallets. This feature
guarantees that customers can purchase with confidence and that vendors are
paid on schedule.

chat function of Markaaz, which allows buyers and sellers to engage with one
another within the app, is another special feature. This function makes buying
and selling easier and contributes to the development of trust between buyers
and sellers.

the app has a rating and review feature that lets customers rank and comment on
vendors based on their interactions. This feature encourages vendors to
maintain high standards of quality by assisting customers in making educated
selections when buying goods.

suit the demands of its consumers, Markaaz is continually improving its
features. The app recently unveiled a visual search tool driven by AI that
enables users to input photographs in order to search for items. This function
is revolutionary and helps customers locate what they’re seeking for fast.

Can I Make Money

are several methods to make money with the Markaaz app if you are a vendor on
the platform. The following are some methods to make money with the Markaaz
product-selling app:

Sell Products: The main source of
income on Markaaz is the sale of things via the app. With the app, you may
establish your own pricing and list your items. You will be paid for the sale
after someone purchases your item.

Provide Discounts: To entice more
customers, Markaaz gives you the ability to establish discounts on your items.
By providing discounts, you may improve the likelihood that your things will
sell and bring in more money.

Advertise Your Store: Markaaz gives
you the choice to advertise your business within the app. This function aids in
boosting your items’ exposure, which may lead to increased sales and income.

Affiliate Marketing: You may make
money by advertising the app via Markaaz’s affiliate marketing programme. When
someone joins up using your referral link, you will be paid a commission. You
may share your referral link with others.

Promote: Inside the app, Markaaz
also gives you the ability to promote your items. More sales and money may
result from this feature’s assistance in making your items more visible to a
larger audience.

important to keep in mind that using Markaaz to make money involves commitment
and work. You will need to dedicate time to listing high-quality products,
advertising your business, and offering top-notch customer support. You may
optimise your app profits by making the necessary effort.

to resale goods

may follow these procedures to straight resale things from the Markaaz product
app to another person:

Browse Products: The first step is
to go through the items offered on the Markaaz product-selling app and identify
the items you wish to sell to another person.

Get in touch with the Seller: After
choosing your items, you may get in touch with the seller on Markaaz to find
out whether they permit direct resale of their goods. Before moving further, it
is crucial to establish if the seller would permit direct resale.

Buy Products: If the vendor permits
direct resale, you may buy the goods and have them sent to your home.

Resell the Products: When you’ve got
the goods, you may sell them on to someone else using your own channels,
including social media or word-of-mouth. You may fix your pricing to guarantee
a profit on the second sale.

vital to remember that you should only sell items that you have legitimately
acquired using the Markaaz product selling app. Prior to resale the goods to
someone else, it’s also crucial to make sure they are in excellent shape and
adhere to quality requirements. Also, you must follow all laws governing the
resale of goods, including paying taxes and getting any permits.

where you resell products

from the Markaaz app may be sold in a variety of ways. Here are some

Social Media Sites: You may
advertise and resell Markaaz app items using social media sites like Facebook,
Instagram, and Twitter. You may send prospective customers to the Markaaz app
to buy the things by posting photographs of the goods, giving descriptions, and
listing pricing.

Internet Marketplaces: There are a
number of online markets where you may resell goods via the Markaaz app,
including Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. On these websites, you may register as a
vendor and post your goods for sale while adhering to the rules and charges of
the website.

Local Retail Stores: You may also
contact neighbourhood shops that provide comparable goods and work out a
contract to resale the goods obtained via the Markaaz app. This might aid in
growing your clientele and boosting revenue.

Flea Markets and Garage Sales: You
may also think about offering the goods for sale at garage sales or flea
markets. This might be a very effective approach to generate income by selling
the goods to individuals in your neighbourhood.

Word of Mouth: As a last option, you
may depend on word of mouth to market and resell items via the Markaaz app. You
may urge friends, family, and acquaintances to buy the items via the app by
sharing information about them with them.

much profit you earn

ability to earn as a reseller on the Markaaz app relies on a number of
variables, including the items you decide to resale, the pricing you set, and
the level of market rivalry. The typical profit margin for resellers is 20% to
50% of the selling price of the item. Yet, it’s crucial to take into account
the price of shipping, promotion, and other charges. You must also be able to
choose lucrative items, advertise them well, and develop a clientele of devoted
customers if you want your resale venture to succeed. As a Markaaz software
reseller, you may be able to generate a sizable profit with perseverance and
hard effort.

to Withdrawn

doing the following, you may withdraw your money:

Access the “Earnings” area of the Markaaz app after logging into your

Choose the payment method you like, such as an e-wallet or bank transfer.

Type in the desired withdrawal amount and choose “Withdraw” from the

completing the withdrawal procedure involves following the instructions. This
might include supplying information about your bank account or proving your

Upon approval of your withdrawal request, the money will be sent into the
account of your choice within a few business days.

on the payment option you use, it’s vital to be aware that there can be charges
for withdrawing your winnings. Also, before filing a request, confirm that you
have satisfied any minimal withdrawal criteria.

in mind that you must follow all laws pertaining to goods resale, including
paying taxes and acquiring any permits. Also, it’s critical to maintain
positive interactions with the Markaaz app’s vendors and guarantee that your
purchasers get top-notch customer care.



conclusion, Markaaz is an excellent product selling software that is
revolutionising how people and companies purchase and sell items in Pakistan.
Both buyers and sellers choose it because of its distinctive features, which
include the option for sellers to set up their own online shop, a secure
payment system, a chat function, and AI-powered visual search. Markaaz is a
website that you should look at whether you’re a small company owner or a

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