How to Earn by Uploading Photos on Bigstock

Bigstockphoto is popular all around the globe with access to a huge selection of high-quality images, graphics, and videos. Shutterstock purchased it in 2009 after it was established in 2004. Bigstockphoto gives photographers and artists the chance to sell their work to customers on the platform while also providing a straightforward and user-friendly interface for customers to locate and buy the material they want. Bigstockphoto is a go-to source for everyone in need of stock images, offering millions of assets for purchase.

The following steps will show you how to upload photographs to Bigstock:

Step 1: You must first register for an account on the website before you can post photographs to Bigstock. Log into your account if you have one.

Step 2: After you have signed in, go to the website’s top right corner and choose “Upload.” By doing this, you’ll be sent to the upload page where you may begin adding photographs.

Step 3: Put Your Pictures Online There is a section labelled “Add Files” on the upload page. To choose the pictures you wish to upload, click this button. Holding down the CTRL (on Windows) or Command (on Mac) key while clicking on the photographs allows you to choose numerous images at once.

Step 4: You must provide each picture’s name, description, and keywords once you’ve submitted them. When customers do keyword searches, this information makes it easier for them to locate your photographs. Be careful to utilise precise, relevant, and descriptive keywords while describing your images.

Step 5: You must choose the kind of licence and pricing for each picture after adding titles, descriptions, and keywords. Basic and Extended licences are the two options offered by Bigstock. The majority of commercial and editorial uses are covered by the Standard licence, while print-on-demand and other uses are covered by the Extended licence.

Step 6: Send Your Pictures After you’ve entered all the required details, press “Submit” to send your photographs to Bigstock. The Bigstock staff will examine your images before approving them and making them available for purchase to customers.

Guidelines for Submitting Pictures to Bigstock

Make sure your photographs adhere to the platform’s technical and aesthetic standards.

To make it easier for customers to locate your photographs, use precise and relevant keywords.

Choose reasonable and aggressive pricing for your pictures.

When publishing your images to the site, be sure they don’t violate any copyright or trademark laws.

In order to improve your chances of earning sales, think about submitting a selection of pictures.


In conclusion, adding images to Bigstock is an easy procedure that may enable you to make money by offering your work to clients all over the globe. You may construct a successful and lucrative portfolio on the site by adhering to these guidelines.

For photographers and other creatives, selling photos may be a tough but rewarding endeavour. To produce high-quality photographs that consumers are ready to pay for, one must invest time, energy, and patience. But, it may be tremendously inspiring to see your work being utilised by others and earning money for it. Every photograph you sell is a special expression of your creativity and vision, and each sale is a recognition of your abilities and labour of love. Keep in mind that every great photographer had to start somewhere, and with perseverance and determination, you may too establish a lucrative profession selling images. Continue producing, making improvements, and having faith in your abilities. Don’t give up on your goals and keep moving ahead since selling images may bring you enormous benefits on both a professional and personal level.

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