Elon Musk Is Going To Pay You to Use Twitter

 Elon Musk Is Going To Pay You to Use Twitter



Musk, the CEO of Twitter at the moment, just revealed a significant update to the
social media site. He aims to reimburse his clients. He recently tweeted that
tweeters will be eligible to get a portion of the advertising money. In
addition to the number of ad impressions obtained in response to the first
tweet. A tweet’s originator earns more money as it receives more responses and
becomes more popular. An ad impression is produced each time a user inputs a
tweet and scrolls down to view responses. Also, the user’s account will get a
percentage of the money.

now possible to make money on Twitter.

news, however, leaves us with more questions than it does answers. What portion
of the income will go to users, how it will be collected, or even how they will
determine how many impressions their Twitter advertising are producing are all
unknown. While Musk has said that this feature would be accessible after the
announcement, the specifics are unclear. This could be connected to the wallet
function that Twitter was going to roll out. or a possible coin linked to it.
Nevertheless, no formal announcement has been made to support this.

has made it plain that people must first pay money in order to acquire it.
Users who have used Twitter Blue to authenticate themselves will be the only
ones who may utilise this feature. This implies that they must prove their
identification and pay the monthly membership price. receiving a blue badge
next to their name.


statement, like many others Musk has made since taking over Twitter, is filled
with specifics, but how they are carried out will be crucial. Just the most
well-known users of the social network will profit from this shift, and it will
only help Elon Musk’s finances at the expense of everyone else.

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